A Small Deposit From A Smaller Despot

by Jackson Bedenbaugh

II-guanas prefer the linoleum,

their claws snap against the wax.


Thank goodness for the bag boy,


a moment of reprieve. His skin

is breathing and damp with paint.


Sliding glass doors. It’s necessary, for sliding glass

Will step aside for heat. Oh, god forbid.

The i-guanas are docile.


You would be docile

if you were a bird-eater.


You are not the audience.

Now pop your orange drink.

In 2014, I received two honorable mentions from the Scholastic Writing & Arts Awards, one honorable mention in 2015, and two Silver Keys in 2016. For three years I was a reader for and my senior year acted as Nonfiction Editor of Crashtest Magazine, based at the Fine Arts Center, a public arts high school in Greenville, South Carolina. Since then I have dropped out of the University of South Carolina in order to pursue my fantastic morphing into a man-sized gila monster. I would greatly appreciate the publication of my work.


February 2020

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