A traditional artist for over four decades, Virginia Hoover developed her art through oil paintings notable for their movement: their natural flow and motion. Empowered and deeply connected with the ocean, a turning point would come in 2010. Beside the ocean and beneath a double rainbow, she painted a tiny rainbow with the small box of watercolors she carried in her pocket. The next painting, an awakening, was an abstract watercolor. A medium she was not proficient in would ultimately set her free to explore and share her spiritual journey. 

Inspired with heart felt emotion, Gini Hoover brings forth art from the great spiritual plain that, when it finds you, connects you with the universe, heals and invites you in. Art in Motion moves and changes as you begin to feel it. The more you look, the more you see, the more you realize; this art is alive and moving and capable of touching your very soul. 

Channeled through a deep connection with the spiritual energy of the Universe, Gini brings forth transformational healing illuminations giving the recipient every opportunity to connect with her paintings to find healing, inspiration and the power of love.


April 2018

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