Breaking Rank

by David Magill


The junkyard was art

at sunset, the light making an abstract shine

on broken bottle glass and iron dinosaurs.

He saw ogres behind old washing machines

and a dragon lived beyond the littered hill near the back.

He had killed that dragon many times, but not

now, not today.

He sat on the husk of an old stove,

shuffling through his baseball cards,

staring into the faces of men that never cried.

As he licked away his boyhood tears,

the young lab jumped up to him, resting

his paws on his knees.

He knew that his dog would never cry, either

no matter how many times

the people he loved


He stood and winked

at an ogre with orange eyes

and headed back home,

a man.

David Magill was born in Kansas City, Missouri, in1969. He moved to Minnesota as a young boy in '75 and grew up on a hobby farm in Afton. David has been married to his wife, Patti, since 1995.


June 2018

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