This, the Common Air that Bathes the Globe

by Erin Anastasia


That’s what she said.

That’s what he said.

That’s what she, he, you, me, we said.

Said it to each other.

Said it across long distance phone calls

and short distance pillow talks.

Said it to the mirror,

probably not often enough.


Said it to dogs in high-pitched voices

and, in face licks and tail wags

definitely had it returned

in ways other than words.


Said it on accident.

Said it too soon.

Said it too late.

Said it amidst arguments

that were never worth having.

Said it during love making

which was definitely worth having.


Said it to unborn children.

Said it quietly over the graves

of those now gone.

Said it to our parents.

Said it to our parents exponentially more frequently

when we were low on cash.


Said it to the sky.

Said it to the stars.

Said it late at night

to new friends in old bars.


Said it in too many languages to count.

Said it soft.

Then, said it loud.

Then, said it louder.

And when it still wasn’t said loud enough

we created a Facebook event page

and invited



so that we could all set our clocks just right

and simultaneously say it at the same time.

And after we did,

the earth grew a little quieter.

See, somehow we all collectively decided,

that anything that was ever worth saying,

had already been said.

Erin Anastasia is a freelance poetry and fiction editor from New Jersey, as well as a spoken word poet. She hosts a weekly open mic night (QXTs), and has competed at both the National Poetry Slam and the Women of the World Poetry Slam. Erin also contributes most of her free time to creating content for her poetry-focused YouTube channel, which can be viewed here:


February 2018

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