Dopamine Rush

by Sarah HaBa


My heart blooms too fast.
Velvet camellias cover my eyes,
bluebells spill from my mouth
with each attempted word.

I want to say…
I want to say…

…the tip of my tongue

is wet.


Let me have my crush;
let me touch the air between us
until it rifles with static.
I’m a dopamine addict.
Reader, you are my pretend lover.


The soft spot between collarbones
mirrors the curve below my lower lip.
Lavender sunsets press my forehead.
Dove feathers endlessly fall
from my fingertips.


Hovered in half-sleep,
honeyed is the smell,
I sleep on polka-dot pillows
somewhere between dreams


My navel holds one uncurled white violet.
My spine intertwines with scented jasmine vines.
Their perfume drenches
the balmy star-glossed sky


My soul levitates lushness in your body,
I watch it hover.
Sun glints off my sigh;

Sarah HaBa is an artist and writer living in San Francisco.


June 2018

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