Feeling Orange

by Josh Pryer

This wind is hard enough

to pick a scab and has

a fall habit of killin’ crops.

The sky is peeling.

Our stalks are empty.

Flocks of birds return as reminders

that there is no more our,

and crow shit is on the ground

beneath the open arms

of the scarecrow deflating

as its heart blows away.

Damn this time of year

is jarring, assaulting the senses

with such orange weather

that Oranges are referred to

as “Red and Yellows”

because enough is enough,

and even by a different name

this pumpkin looks familiar,

this wind is hard enough

to pick a scab and has.

Josh Pryer's poems have been published previously in Mannequin Haus, Boned, and The Ginger Collect. Josh lives in Los Angeles, CA, and currently is earning a degree in Comparative Literature.

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October 2018

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