Good/Black Friday

by Jarred Thompson


On a Friday we ate from His gushing side

discounts and credits buzzing in our stomachs,

electronics shining in our eyes, disrupting circadian rhythms.

We ate our monthly-sold flesh

thinking that one more—this one—would make hunger pangs disappear.


Is this the monthly saving bread?

A new host come to feed us, living on,

long after our bones are reworked into                                                



A sacrifice that HE demands, a yearly purge to satiate,

to remind that no mind is left disconnected, untouched, by meaning

preceding overcoming                



                       “Don’t rip words from their language games. Use them to trade.”  


But what if I ripped to pierce the crucified body,

hammer knees caps into mud,

pummel the body into liquid no nail can     hold                                                                    



Such ripping, such choking air bubbles in throats, such warped floor boards,

bending store doors barricading against masses pressing in

just to graze the hem of His garbadine garment:

this viral faith in black mirrors that all things hoped for

will finally be uncovered


Jarred Thompson graduated from Alabama State University with a Summa Cum Laude in English. He has been published in Typecast Literary Magazine, Type House Literary Magazine, The Best New African Poets Anthology of 2016, New Contrast Literary Journal and was longlisted for The Sol Plaatje Award and Anthology of Poetry and placed second in the Fitzgerald Museum Short Story Contest, a national contest for college students in the US. He currently resides in Johannesburg South Africa where he is at work on his Masters at the University of Johannesburg.


February 2018

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