Helpless Healer

by Candice Tucker

We journeyed through the darkness, side by side

I tried my best to be your healer and guide

You endured with grace every setback and trial

And never failed to offer up a genuine smile

But unfortunately the world can be cruel and unjust

And upon you an unfathomable decision was thrust

Once again you showed wisdom and strength far beyond your years

And upon hearing your choice, I could not hold back the tears

Because even though your decision was right and for the best

It means my friend you will soon be faced with an even bigger test

But on this journey, I cannot be your guide

And sadly my friend, I also cannot be at your side

Please know that I will miss you and I’ve loved you as a friend from the start

And that you will never be forgotten due to the impression that you have left upon my heart

Candice Tucker is a board certified physician assistant who works in pediatric oncology in Minnesota. She has been an avid writer since she was young but has only recently started pursuing writing seriously.


February 2018

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