Artist Statement

When I was younger I listened to many stories of my mother’s childhood in Laos, and my father’s recollections of him fishing at a local river in Vientiane, Laos. These stories fill my mind of what home was for my parents. Through their fragmented narratives of their homeland, home became a notion that was never fully formed. Looking at my parents now, I see two individuals who have been living with each other for a long time, a bond that perhaps was not necessarily forged by love but for the necessity for each other. This body of photographs depicts my elderly parents and their dependency on each other both psychologically and physically. My mother copes with blindness and a father whose age never affected him from working long hours at night. While photographing my parents I am also looking at ongoing dialogue between both my parents and the space in which they live in.


By Bountheng Tanakhone




July 2018

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