Judge Not By What Makes Us Small

by Russell Willis

Judge not by what makes us small    

Or smaller we become

A canon of self-inflicted strife

Measures our self worth

A mirror distorted by the heat of

Jealousy, self-loathing, paranoia, and fear

Casts images of truth and untruth

Truth distorted

Untruth reflected

Not simply by lies

But by silence and deflection

While wisdom is confused with

Analysis, prognostication, apology and spin

And truth is mistaken for reality

Which is simply real, but not immutable

Unless smaller we become as

Truth finally resembles the reality

Inflicted on ourselves and each other

By our smallness


Judge by what makes us thrive

And we will,

Or have a fighting chance

Russell E. Willis has published non-fiction (mostly book chapters and a co-authored book) in the areas of ethics (focusing on ethics and technology); science, technology and religion; and American political history.  Russell also has two active blog series: 1) Being Responsible in the Age of Social Media, Cryptocurrency, and Smart Weapons/Cars/Phones and 2) Your Strategic Planning Coach.  Most recently Willis has had three poems published by The Write Launch for their January 2019 online issue.

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February 2019

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