Poetry Club Critique

by Julie Allyn Johnson

You dared to imply

my cautious tale —

my reluctant confession —

was mere tripe

poetry you categorized as YA

soap opera theatrics

surely nothing


or heartfelt

or life-constricting.

You knew not how my heart

raced and galloped

during my tentative recitation,

my crimes laid bare for all to hear

proffered for your bemused consumption.

Your genitalia differs from mine.

Perhaps that explains

your lack of empathy

and why you can


ever understand.

Recently retired, Julie enjoys photography, baking bread, hiking, biking, traveling with her husband, crochet, playing with her new puppy and reading about writing and poetry. Last summer, when inspiration started to keep her awake at night, poetry ensued. She is the oldest of six girls and grew up surrounded by oak, walnut and other woods native to north central Iowa piled high around the ten-acre backyard out back behind her father’s sawmill.


Julie has been writing poetry for a year and a half. She has been published in Lyrical Iowa, Persephone’s Daughters and Typishly. Her writing process is varied. She has journals stashed throughout the house and in the car and always carries a small notebook in her purse. Sometimes she goes weeks and weeks without so much as a journal entry and other times, writes several times a day.

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March 2019

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