Silent Spring Awakens
Spring Night
Spring Rain

The inspiration behind my collection Silent Spring Awakens stems from Jackson Pollock and the Abstract Expressionism movement. For one of my graduate classes, I was required to engage in a creative project, and I desired to create a piece that reflects fun, life, and happiness. In fact, my three-year-old helped paint the background of one of the pieces. This collection truly makes me smile because of the memory my daughter and I made. My one and only goal for this collection is to inspire people to smile and enjoy life. 

~ Kayla Branstetter

Kayla Branstetter is a high school English teacher for Purdy High School. Kayla is a writer, and graduate student in the Master of Liberal Studies in Art, Literature, and Culture program at University of Denver. Her work has been published in Ozark Hills and Hollows, a regional magazine focusing on local culture. Kayla lives in Purdy, Missouri with her husband, Chris, and daughter, Berlin. 

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May 2018

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