The Blue

by Nicole Zdeb

perspective creates illusion, another dimension

beginning of modern age, modern love, the blue


In the 40’s, Picasso was at the end of painting,

at the end of two dimensional representations

the photograph allowed increase in detail, increase

in contradictions that heralded the blue


the pictorial--the contradiction in motion--

living opposites under the same roof,

in the same bad bed built by Muses

or some other fringe group

living with a diminished thing

the distinctions between love and blue


a tableaux that exists for us to avoid looking

mirrors and scapegoats

not only a transgression, a fascination

with transgression


the enormity of the sadness

kept at bay, nibbling at its edges

taking small drafts of poison

to build tolerance


transformed things in an image

transformed people in a marriage

people in a marriage transformed into things

the play is between two registers,

language of mirrors that sounds blue

Nicole Zdeb is a writer, photographer, and educator living in Portland, OR. She holds a MFA from Iowa Writers' Workshop and has recently had poems or stories accepted for publication in Magma, Dragon Poet Review, Ibis Head Review, and flying south. 


March 2018

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