The Sailor's Song

by J.W. Bebout

To stand upon a heaving deck is much to be desired,

But moored I am by muscles stretched, my body worn and tired.

Thnovel is writ, the ending known, the tide at neap or lower,

Tears of frustration stain weathered skin and rail at fading power.

I left my youth on sunny shores and islands in the sea,

And memories rise on stiffening breeze calling out to me.

But memories will not hoist a sail nor find a guiding star,

So here I stand upon the shore, no more to wander far.

Every year that’s passed made less and less of me,

My heart was given to brown-eyed girls, my tears became the sea.

My corpse has faded, transparent now, unseen by passers-by,

I walk alone upon the jetty, the final journey nigh.


Terns laugh and curse at me, whilst they spiral across the sky.

What would they have me do, I wonder, as I but journey by?

Are we not all travelers together upon this grain of sand?

And will we not all meet again in some diaphanous land?

A child’s tale, perhaps, to hope for more than what you see,

And what could be betteranywaythan to sail upon the sea?

J.W. Bebout is a scientist seeking truth through poetry and literature. Bebout is the author/coauthor of more than two-dozen technical articles and has several poems selected for upcoming publication in the new literary magazine 'Horseshoes and Hand Grenades.'


October 2018

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