The Unveiling of the Cloak

by Michael B. Carroll 

I wear the aberrant face of America.

             My limbs, torso, and trunk are adorned

             with brown skin that magically reflects

             ultraviolet light,

                          though my skull,

                          encasing such great, gray matter is,

                          in fact, luminously permeable.

             Cloaking spells are cast in hopes that I

             become invisible. Hidden. Sequestered

             from mindful illumination.

             In the dark we flee the Indigo Coven-

                          they attack our flesh with flying

                          bottles of potions,

                          wielding powers of mass

                          destruction until we are eternally

                          hidden, vanquished, and made

                          incorporeal like our


             The Indigo Coven made little Elijah drink

                          the elixir from the cauldron until

                          he became a roaming specter ...

                                       watching as the ancestors

                                       twisted in their chains

                                       on the moors of the


             We quiver from the visions of gener-

             ational cloaking,

                          until the sensation of rolling salt-

                          water trickles down our dark faces,

                          and the scent of burning

                          pearwood provokes our


             The scorching embers from floating

                          balls of fire, and the staggering

                          welts on the skin of our ancestors

                          will never extinguish

                          our light.

             Our skulls, which encase such great, gray

                          matter are, indeed, luminously


             and our tongues speak the language of

             an uncloaked freedom as WE

             wear the faces of a disparate


Michael B. Carroll Jr. is a graduate of West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Professional Studies. He is a native of Philadelphia, PA and has published creative work in The Esthetic Apostle Literary Magazine. Michael's work will also be featured in the inaugural issue of Cathexis Northwest Press in September 2018. He currently works in hospitality, while in pursuit of a life-changing career in medicine.

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October 2018

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