Turning Blue

by Charlene Stegman Moskal

There are Hindu gods with blue faces.

I remember seeing them in illustrations.

Maybe they got that way from talking too much;

“I try talking to you until I am blue in the face.”

Maybe they weren't talking.

Maybe they were dancing to ragas

Swift as winds in hurricane skies,

as currents in swollen rivers,

as avalanches of thought;

multiples of arms, legs,

toes curled,

multiples of hands,

thumbs on forefingers,

a way to calm themselves,

get their ya-yas out,

attempt union,

dance their way into the Good Kingdom.

No, it is not from talking

that they have blue faces;

it comes from pain,

unable to slow the raga,

unable to catch one's breath

when dancing so hard and for so long.

Charlene is a member of a vibrant arts community in Las Vegas, Nevada. Prior to moving to LV, she taught art, theater and speech in Brownsville, Texas. She is a Teaching Artist for the Alzheimer’s Poetry Project and a Fellow of the New Jersey Writing Project. Most recently she has been published in “CLARK; Poetry from Clark County, Nevada”, “Legs of Tumbleweed; Wings of Lace, A Literary Anthology by Nevada Women”, “Sky Island Journal”, the May issue of “Dash”, ‘Multibilis”, “Las Vegas Woman Magazine”, the Fall issues of “Indolent Press” and “Changes in Life”. Zeitgeist Press will release her poetry chapbook, “One Bare Foot” in late August, 2018.


October 2018

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