What Remains

by Christiana Weisel


Guarding against close scrutiny

As morning turns to day,

A thing that my eyes cannot see

Since he sent us away.

Take a snapshot, that's all I need,

For memories likely mislead.

Take a snapshot!

Take a snapshot--

A thousand words too much to read.


Guarding against close scrutiny,

Hiding imperfection,

Masking emotions brutally

From any inspection,

My father's beard of bushy hair--

Young men wish theirs could grow so fair--

My father's beard,

My father's beard,

I seem to see it everywhere.


Guarding against close scrutiny

Whatever lies beneath,

Rebuffing with impunity

An eye for the discreet.

He fades away in picture frames,

Yet one thing still my mind retains:

He fades away,

He fades away...

His face is gone-- the beard remains.

Christiana Weisel is a veteran of the Army band who served in Germany and Iraq, and when she is not writing she enjoys painting and playing music, and exploring the intersection between art, music, and the written word. Christiana's favorite poets right now are Billy Collins and Mark Arvid White. Her poetry has been published in the Fib Review by Muse-Pie Press.


March 2018

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